Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just Breathing

This weekend didn't feel like a weekend at all. Between the parade through the house yesterday and us having to go away for the day today for an open house I hardly feel rested. We have had offers. Nothing we love. Nothing we are taking so far.

It is a sad time honestly. It is very stressful to go round and round with the seller of the house we are buying and then turn around and start the same dance with the buyers for this one. It is stressful trying to live with the house perfect every second of the day. It is just hard to sell the house where you really began your marriage. The one that was your first home together.

The seller of our new house did finally agree to fix the major stuff--you know, the SAFETY VIOLATIONS. Which is fine. We are not going to get a pissing match over something that we could fix ourselves without too much effort or expense. And at least one of these offers should pan out into something decent. And then maybe we can breathe. I shouldn't complain, we are doing fine. It is just a strange time. We are in the moments before things start to happen.

And the waiting is wearing me out.

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