Thursday, July 14, 2005

We Need a Rally Monkey

We lost our second softball game of the week tonight. The good news is that we rallied in the last inning to tie it up before giving up the winning run.

If the guys on our team could fucking hit we might win games. But damn, other than J and one other guy they all suck.

I was hitting rockets again today. It is like I know what I am doing (which we all know cannot be true). And I make a kick ass play at the play (look at me!). I sweating like you would not believe. And not from aerobic complaining! Look how well I am faking being athletic. GO ME!

Am dragging ass tired and have to get up extra early for a work event tomorrow. Have to work SATURDAY TOO. Believe that there is no god.

So I am sore, tired and wound up so I cannot sleep.

I am sure 5:00 will feel GOOD.

1 comment:

L said...

Sweating? From sports? I don't even KNOW YOU anymore.