Saturday, July 23, 2005

It Could Be, It Might Be, Maybe, Ours


Well supposedly and with our luck he will change his mind as some one will call and offer him cash tonight. But for the moment, it will be ours.

Things learned in the past 24 hours:

1. Getting a mortgage the second time is totally fucking easier. The first time it involved weeks of freak outs, the selling of our souls and some rubber-gloved exams up our asses. This time it took a couple of hours after two phone calls.

2. My dad is supportive when you think he will not be. When the guy was dicking with us (multiple times all day) my dad was like eh offer him a couple thousand more, he will shut up. This is an effective tactic.

3. You can actually make your yard look nice for less than a hundred bucks and it an about an hour. The project we thought would take all weekend was done before noon this morning. Looks fabulous, now we are down to 84,012 things to do over the next couple of days.

4. Buying another house makes you highly motivated to sell the one you own already. We had planned to put it up on 8/15, now we are shooting for Friday. We may have just bullied this guy into giving us until September but we could move tomorrow if the fucker sold.

5. People do not clean their houses. We went through half a dozen yesterday and some of these houses were so cluttered you couldn't breathe. I always thought some of the shit they tell you to do was sort of stupid, but once you have seen some one who has their daughter sleeping in the dining room you understand the shit that turns off buyers.

6. We actually just spend even more on a house than we did three years ago when we spent an amount that nearly gave us a stroke when we saw it spelled out. For those of you who do not own a house yet, DO NOT LOOK AT THE TOTAL ON THE LAST PAGE. Sign it blind or you will probably need medical attention.

7. I am a mental case who dreams about furniture now that the dreaming about a new house is over. When did I become the white trash Martha Stewart?

8. J and I get along famously when we like the same things and spend shit loads of money.

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