Saturday, July 30, 2005

I Guess I Do Have a Big Ass Too

It is so hot here today. I mean I know it is 85, which is like 50 to those of you in the Midwest or South but to those of in Seattle that is like a sauna. Keep in mind no one here has air conditioning.

While J was getting a haircut I was finishing steam cleaning the carpets which made our house go from oven-like conditions to humid jungle marsh conditions in 60 seconds flat. I was sweating and running when another agent called and asking if she could come and show the house.

Uh sure. CRAP. Run run run finish the carpets, find some clothes and J gets home just in time for us to bolt from the house.

We went shopping and to lunch and anywhere we could go to and kill time. I was walking on a side walk and it was so hot that the calking between slabs had softened a bit. And my heel sunk into it and got stuck.

You can imagine the grace of that maneuver. I actually fell out of the shoe and had to dig it out of the sidewalk with my hands. I was drawing a crowd and I realized I was living a stupid scene from the fucking Wedding Planner. Oh the humanity of living through being Jennifer Lopez-like in any way. And let me assure you that the guy who stopped to help me looked nothing like Matthew McConaughey.

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