Friday, July 29, 2005

Tomorrow The Paper Will Report That Bellevue Is Closing All Wendys'

If yesterday was a shit day today more than made up for it. For personal reasons that I cannot talk about yet. But! Soon! And because approximately 84,000 people have been to see our house and it has been on the market for 24 hours.

That is a slight exaggeration but only a small one. We came home to a half dozen messages on the machine and agent cards on the table. We had to leave so people could come tonight and came home to more messages and more cards.

I know our agent only left cards in houses that we liked so I think we are doing pretty well so far.

Was taking the bus to the train home tonight when a very polite homeless woman who smelled like eggs sat next to the yuppie man from expensive schmancy suburb behind me. He was nice enough to her, moving his stuff and looking her in the eye when she asked to sit down. But I couldn't help myself I had to giggle when she started talking to him.

"Where are you going?"

"Bellevue" (this is a totally yuppie suburb and you could almost hear him think SHIT when he answered her)

"Do they have a Wendy's?"

"Uh I think so. Sure." (Shit shit shit, does some one like me eat at WENDY'S?)

"Do you like Wendy's?"

"No" (Why did I answer her? We are like married in crazy homeless land now)

"Do you like Red Robin" (this is when I full on laughed because she was so sincere, they are friends now, totally going to get a beer and he is ready to leap out the window--this shit is funny when it happens to OTHER PEOPLE)

I couldn't feel sorry for him, the very nice and polite homeless gentleman sitting next to me was cleaning his teeth with a bottle cap. However, he didn't smell like eggs. He showed me the cologne samples he takes from magazines in drug stores. He told me I could pick one.

I mean my husband doesn't even let me pick his cologne.

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