Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Enjoying the Silence

For those who don't come here for baseball induced rage I apologize for my little tantrum. I would like to take the easy way out and blame PMS or Problems At Home but really I think it is just unadulterated HATE for La Russa.

Though the whole anti-depressant angle is worth exploring since they have completely destroyed my appetite. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing except I can't really eat and it is not like I am dropping down to a size six here. Last night we went to Dick's and y'all know I love their burgers. And I couldn't finish mine. I COULDN'T FINISH. There is a sad sad country song in there somewhere which I hope some one with more talent and vision than me writes one day so I can stop living it.

The Problems At Home thing is happening as we are currently in what I like to call Biopolar Marriagefest 2005. We have just gotten into this stage where we just love love love each other and cannot get enough of each other's company or we want to rip each other's faces off.

Normally when we get into a tiff it is my role to go in and smooth things over. I usually do this gladly, as I do not mind and he cannot bring himself to do it. But today, after a very stupid shouting match where he got mad because I was just generally enraged (not at him at all mind you) and he decided to drive like a madman because he was so pissed I become So Very Tired Of This. My darling husband is a very passive aggressive person. I recognize this as his coping mechanism for dealing with his temper and there are times when I am grateful for it. But we are in the four month of his sullen, pissy, no-really-DO-WHATEVER-YOU-WANT-I-WILL-JUST-BE-UP-HERE-ANOTHER-JEW-NAILED-TO-A-CROSS mood at I am welcoming his silent treatment. Just walk the dogs and leave my ass alone, I have online poker to play and Vitamin A to put in my ears*.

Y'all do not worry your pretty heads about the AB marriage, we are solid little customers. We are both just too evil to be happy all the damn time and right now we are each imagining our lives as glamorous window(er)s. Tomorrow we will probably be writing love notes because of our gratitude of having found each other.

Bipolar Marriagefest is tiring y'all.

*My ears have continued to be all clogged and hurty and the internets tell me to put Vitamin A and cotton balls in my ears every night for a week. So far it has really made a difference, plus I totally cannot hear the dogs fight in bed at night. All Hail The Internets!


Eek said...

You need a popsiscle.

Anonymous said...

This is Jdog making a guest appearence I will just say this she is bloody insane and this is NOT what happened...Though I did drive fast and quickly not speaking to her...