Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I have had an online presence since 2003 in some form or another - though I suppose dropping off the internet here for a couple of years negates that - I've been here and on Diaryland before that. I started blogging because I thought I had funny things to say about my job and my commute and anything I ran across. But of course there are a million funny writers on the internet and wow I like working so I stopped writing about my job (and deleted the hell out of the stuff long ago).  I don't blog about my kids (oh I had another baby in September!) because the internet has all kinds of kiddos. And I don't blog about my marriage because well . . .things are good so they are dull. And if they were bad well I shouldn't air that nonsense. It doesn't leave much.

I started running a couple of years ago. For me it was hard and scary and it sort of blows my mind to call myself a runner. I am definitely the kind of person who sticks with things I know I will be good at and I am not a good runner. I am too large. I am not an athlete. I am slow as hell. But after a non-running pregnancy (because that was just a disaster with crazy heart rate issues and just NO) I am trying to get back where I was. The baby is just under four months old and I started back training ten weeks ago. After my 5K detailed below I ran more races, eventually moving into half marathons. It is something that JR and I do together (though he is on the injured reserve at the moment) and it feels crazy good to do something that was a struggle for me. I am back to running four days a week and I am still large and slow and I am so thankful to be back.

My pal L pushed me to blog again - with a focus on running. I kind of doubt I will stick to just one thing but it feels great to dust the old place off and typey typey into my screen.

*After some thought I decided to have a separate blog for fitnessy type things which you can find here