Saturday, April 30, 2005


My dad and I have a troubled relationship. I believe that I have covered that before. And sometimes we have a period of peace accord and I wonder why we ever fight. After all of my work shit he has been so supportive. Frustrating, yes. But supportive and positive.

Except last week he gave me this whole guilt trip about how my mother was angry with me because I didn't call her enough after it happened. Or something. I didn't really get it. But I don't always understand my mother and her feelings. She does not operate on a logic I understand. I was torn between feeling bad because I had hurt her feelings and being pissed off that somehow I was guilty when the crap was happening to me. It turned into this whole existential battle and I was just annoyed with the whole thing by this week.

Went shopping with my mom today.

My dad was making it up.

I doubt that he was consciously lying. At minimum he described the situation poorly. At maximum he was manipulating me so I would call her and make her feeling better.

This is why he and I still have to work to remain friends. Not because he is a bad person or because I am a bad person. But we just manage to piss each other off so damn much.

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