Friday, April 29, 2005

Flattered Or Not

Even though I look young I have gotten used to the fact that teenaged boys don't hit on me anymore. I have become the target of older men in their thirties and forties. Sadly, more than half of them with mustaches. Which I think we can all agree is a bad thing (note: I like facial hair, in fact I insist J keep a beard or goatee but mustaches make me think of mafia stoolies or rednecks with jock itch and that is not ok with me).

So imagine my surprise at the mall today when a sales clerk at Sam Goody/Musicland/Whatever blurted out,"You seem like a cool girl, want to go get some coffee?"

Apparently, the fact that I was purchasing a cd that was not Britney Spears' Greatest Hits = cool to a music store clerk. I guess he wasn't a teenaged boy because he was the assistant manager. But I am fairly certain that he couldn't buy me a beer yet.

I told him, no thanks, that I am married. And he stopped for a minute and then said, "Ever cheat?"

Uh no actually. Its pretty hard to stun me into silence but I just sort of mumbled and turned around to leave the store. Just wanting to get my ass out of there so I practically ran.

Straight into a magazine rack.

It is fairly awkward to have to pick up about ten thousand copies of Stuff, Maxim and FHM when you have just refused to fuck a guy over coffee. But somehow I managed it.

At least he had a hot ass.

YES I checked it out. I had to figure out if I was flattered or not.

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[ J a y z u n ] said...

God damn it, this was a funny post.