Thursday, April 14, 2005

Needing Some Good News

2005 has not been a kind year to me. Or to anyone I know actually. I am surrounded by bad news. All awful. All the time.

Yesterday a friend lost her job. Another friend's mother had to go into the ICU. J and I are not fighting but we are not really made up either. My mother is being crazy. Another friend has put out dozens of offers out on houses and not got a single one.

It is the year of the suck and it needs to change.

Some one. Anyone. Needs to have good news. SOME ONE PLEASE.

So, if y'all love me at all, comment below on something good that has happened to you or some one you know. Double post all you want. I just need some good news.


GM said...

How big does the good news have to be? A friend of mine did not get hit by a ball of lightning (yes, a ball, like basketball, remember it's Iowa) because she decided not to go out and fill the bird feeders. They weren't actually having a storm at the moment, but just then a big ball of lightning flashed right in her yard. She thought it was pretty good luck that she wasn't out there.

(I'll keep thinking)

Ella said...

My fiancee's brother is expecting his 2nd baby...we just found out today. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Frank said...

My daughter got engaged to a guy with the nicknmae Wookie. I think that qualifies as good news. I'll let you know. She also found gainful employment. Really sorry to hear about your job. That is suckage. Hang in there and we'll be sending you good thoughts.