Friday, April 22, 2005

Not My Side

Like all the Jewish holidays, J and I don't have any traditions for Passover. We are not keeping kosher this week, mainly because it is so confusing and difficult that I don't think we are ready yet. I hope to do it next year or at least soon. We also did not clean our house to hospital-like conditions. But I did clean upstairs today, just my normal weekly cleaning.

I do not enjoy cleaning. And I am not particularly anal about keeping my house clean. I have animals and a husband and trying to keep it in spotless condition is a losing battle. And for the most part that does not bother me a bit.

But I do love having my house be clean. Obviously not enough to do it every day but there is something very satisfying about going to sleep with everything where it should be. On clean sheets. With freshly vacuumed carpet.

Of course the sheets are slightly less clean since Buster just sneezed and wiped his face on them. I would care but it's on J's side.

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