Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Whatever It Takes

One of the things that I hate about myself is that I have totally bought into this whole "women cannot be aggressive" crap that society pushes on us.

Forgive me while I get very Women's Studies 101 on you for a moment.

I get frustrated that I feel guilty asking for things. Fighting for things. I worry about looking pushy or bitchy. I sometimes feel that if I just work hard and do the right things that good fortune will just happen.

But the truth is that good things happen to those that ask for them, fight for them and do whatever they have to do. Sometimes that makes you look like you are pushy. I am going to have to get over that and be a bitch for a while.

I have an opportunity, since I need a new job anyway, to get one that I will love. That will be a career move. That will pay enough money to really make a difference for my family. Right now I make more money than J (which doesn't bother either of us) but he won't forever. My making money now gives him the chance to learn the things that he needs to be successful. The most important thing I can do for him is give him this chance.

I need to do whatever it takes to do this for us. Fuck the patriarchy.

See, I did learn something at my women's college.

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