Saturday, April 16, 2005

Caller ID: Not Just For Dodging In Laws Anymore

Caller ID has saved me from 84,000 uncomfortable conversations with my father-in-law in the past few years. He calls almost daily, despite the fact that his son doesn't really want to talk to him and its not like he has anything to say. When they do finally talk it is very "uh huh, yeah ok, talk to you later" on both sides. Too bad the FIL does not take hints well. Caller ID is worth every penny so that I don't have to talk to him.

When you have had bad news your parents want to help. They really want to help, because that is what parents do. Unfortunately, they can't really help with the current situation and honestly, my dad made me feel worse yesterday. Because he was crazy mad and put me in the position of having to defend my boss which I should never have to do. So I am dodging them too today. I feel guilty about it but sometimes I can't deal. And so I won't.

I will just feel like crap and end up agreeing to see my mother's church production of The Wizard of Oz out of guilt.

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