Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Even on ESPN It Is Funny

Ten years ago, the Seattle Mariners made a crazy come-from-behind-refuse-to-lose-upset in the playoffs. The New York Yankees choked in a fashion that was only surpassed this past year. 1995 was the last season before Yankee great Don Mattingly retired. He was, and is, my husband's favorite player.

J through a shoe through a television set when that game ended. And has hated the Seattle Mariners ever since.

Yesterday we went to the Mariners' home opener. Every time they introduced one of their players, who has the same first and last name as J, I would just laugh and laugh. Its not an unusual name. But honestly, every time I think of, "starting for the SEATTLE MARINERS J***** HATESTHEMARINERS!!!!" I cannot stop laughing.

The sports gods have a sense of humor.

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