Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Are You There God? Its Me Anyabeth

I get myself into a lot of trouble and act like an asshole by forgetting one thing. Not everyone thinks like me. Now I understand the irony of this because I get so pissed when other people are not aware of different points of view. But I recognize that this is a fault of mine.

Of course this comes out in the ugliest way during controversial topics. Like religion and politics. Of course I am passionate about what I believe but I do try to be concious that other people have the right to their opinions as well.

So. I really do not understand the whole "God has a plan" mentality. And believe me I am trying. My parents believe this. Actually my entire family believes that. But I don't. I can't.

To me that says that God prefers one person over another. That he is racist, because people of color start off life in a worse position than white people. That he is sexist, because women are considered inferior to me. It implies that people are chosen to be serial killers. It just implies that God loves certain people more than others.

And there is no religious document that dictates discrimination like that. In fact, all the major religions say that everyone is equal. They talk about free will.

I believe that people make their own destiny. That part of free will means that you had to deal with the cards that you are dealt. I don't believe that God wants some one to die or live or be rich or poor. I sure as Hell do not believe that people are called by God to be President. I don't believe that God loves America more than France. That just doesn't make sense to me.

And I cannot wrap my arms around that other people think otherwise. Every time some one says, "well, its God's will," I want to scream.


But, I need to get my act together because how can I ask people to respect my beliefs if I can't respect theirs.

BUT DAMN. Would be so much easier if everyone would just do what I want. I'm saying.

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