Monday, April 18, 2005

Cautiously Optimistic

Y'all, I have to admit that I am proud of myself. After a day of rage, a day of panic and a day of moping I decided last night that I am just going to make the best of everything. Am I still disappointed? Sure. But I accepted their offer today, I am going to stay in my department, doing a smaller job for the same pay I make now. I have enough contacts that I think that I will find something else fairly fast. All I said to my boss is that I wanted us to spin this to the other girls in the most positive way possible. I cannot stand to have people feel sorry for me.

Ok. I don't like for people to openly feel sorry for me.

I think I actually impressed my boss with professionalism and good attitude. And, as karma would have it, she used to work with a woman that is hiring for the job I really want. She says she will call and recommend me. And I believe her.

I kept waiting for something good to happen. The weird thing is, this might be it.

Though I will still beat the shit out of anyone that says, "everything happens for a reason."

Don't be motherfuckers just because I am happy right now.


GM said...

I never say "everything happens for a reason" or "it's always darkest just before dawn." It's usually darkest just before it goes completely pitch black. Anyway, I say "When all else fails, lower your expectations." Under that theory, "smaller job for same pay" is already a good thing. Gives you time and mental energy to go for what you really want. Go ahead and smack me now, just glad things look a little brighter for the moment.

Frank said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed on that possible new job. Will it be with the same company?