Sunday, April 10, 2005

So That's Where I Get It From

Today I took my mom and dad to some open houses. I really should medicate myself before I do that.

My parents are two of the most frustrating people to have ever walked the earth. Neither of them can really wrap their arms around the real estate prices in this area. Even though I have shown them all of this documentation that their house will sell for a whole crapload of money they do not believe me. And they just cannot understand that you have to pay more than 60 grand for a four bedroom house.

My parents really want to buy their current house in a nicer and more expensive neighborhood closer to the city. And somehow it has not sunk in that they would have to pay more for that.

Give me strength.

I think after today I am done for a while. I love to go to open houses. But listening to them bicker about interiors on houses that they are not going to buy requires more patience than I will ever have.

They can just move into a cardboard box behind 7-11 if they can't stop being so difficult.

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