Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Threw Him Out The Window

The first day of work is always hard. Especially for anal retentive, anxiety-ridden and phobically shy souls like myself. I made it through ok, I just hate not knowing how to do everything and be little miss Perfect.

I mean, it is better than being brand new, I know where the bathroom is and I know that the cafeteria has some kick as vanilla cinnamon raisin bread to make toast with. But it is still scary for a Type-A tight-ass like myself. I mean if I can't work eighty million hours a week whatever will I do?

Answer: come home and eat half a pound of cherries for dinner.


When we moved into this house three years ago I braved the very scary K Mart to buy some cute-ass Martha Stewart bathroom accessories. White towels and bath stuff with pale yellow trim. The towels have hung from that towel bar ever since. Believe me when I say that no one has touched those fucking towels since I put them up. J likes his balls where they are thank you very much.

So why is one set (towel, hand towel, washcloth, layered in a Stepford wife display) a gross almost freshly-pissed-on-yellow? But just one set. The hell? Does the sun bleach towels a darker color?

If Buster learned to piss four feet into the air I am going to chuck him out the window.

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GM said...

You're pretty!
(or was that just for that other entry the other day?)