Thursday, June 23, 2005


This is just not our week.

I found out today that my health plan went from pretty good and workable to shit. And we owe approximately 80 frillion dollars. Also, those medical measures required to have kids? Good thing that we were not planning on doing that any time soon. Because no longer covered.

And then. Softball tonight.

J got thrown out of his first game. I was in the bathroom so I do not know what he said. I do know that the ump was the most sensitive ump I had ever seen and would get pissed if some one even looked cross-eyed at him. I know J lost his temper and that is unfortunate, and GOD KNOWS he is embarrassed. But I do not know how some one gets thrown out of a rec league game just by yelling.

Then we lost our co-ed game. BAD. For no real reason.

And then he got thrown off his men's league team. Because he got thrown out of the game? Not sure why actually. And I feel really bad because I hooked him up with this team through a guy I knew from work. A guy who was basically a dick to J all season long. A guy who I would gladly slap around at the moment.

J has a temper. A bad temper. It is no secret from me. But he does an excellent job of controlling it 98% of the time. We have been married for four years and he has lost it with me once. And he isn't violent at all. I know when he was younger he made some interesting holes in walls but that has happened in a long time.

He prides himself on controlling it. And he lost it today. And he feels humiliated.

So to recap the past three days:

shit news that should have been great news
two lost softball games
one ugly confrontation/ejection
two health plans that now blow
one weeping freak out in the car
one migraine
and one less league he will be playing in

At least tomorrow is Friday because this week needs to be OVER.

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Eek said...

Just keep breathing... in with the good air and out with the bad.