Friday, June 10, 2005

Twelve More Hours To Go

Amy in NY, my email does not want us to be soulmates. I wrote you a lovely email and it bounced back! Does your email hate my email? Can I send it flowers?
Just got home from playing softball all night. I was like a power hitter tonight. I love the bat we stole from our neighbor! It is made from space age polymers or something and is illegal in seventeen states. I hit the ball far with it though. Even though J sabotaged me and lollygagged to second on one of them for the third out. Hateful he is.

I am really loving our team this year. Everyone has played together for a few years now so we do asshole things like show up thirty seconds before the game and not practice. But we still kicked the holy shit out of the team we played tonight.

I think we crushed their souls a bit. Which makes it sweeter of course.
How is it possible that I have heartburn from nothing? Fucking useless digestive system.
I've got nothing y'all, it is like 27 hours past my bedtime. At least tomorrow is Friday so I only have twelve hours to go.

I mean it is not like anyone expects much of me after noon.

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