Tuesday, June 07, 2005

To Fug Or Not To Fug

One of the weird side effects of working in fashion is that your taste can become a tad skewed.

My natural taste is fairly conservative. I have a love affair with the color black. I wear tailored black pants and simple sweaters and knits. I am not so fond of embellishments like sequins and glitter.

I see trends all day long. I see colors and themes months ahead of time. And my co-workers wear fashion forward clothing--often tiring of trends before most people even start wearing them. Seeing trends all the time makes you a lot more likely to wear them. Since I have started at my job I have invested in ridiculously expensive jeans, actually own a pair of gold sandals and wear giant earrings. I would never have purchased these items before.

There are benefits to this. I look much cuter. My clothes fit better and are more flattering. I may still wear all black and tailored pants but I do it while wearing kick ass high heels and carrying a gorgeous handbag. Amongst my friends who do not work in fashion I am the best dressed person they know. At work I am still incredibly conservative.

The ugly side of this is simple. I am used to seeing really crazy colors and silhouettes and combinations and honestly have become desensitized to it all. And the line between fashionable and butt ugly is surprisingly narrow.

I bought a pair of pants that I have seen some gals wearing around the office. They would never be accepted at normal offices. And I loved them when I tried them on. So comfortable, like sweatpants, would fit while bloated. And yet the are fashiony, so I can pretend for that day that I am stylish. But I had a really hard time figuring out if they were gorgeous on me or if they were fug.

I am still not sure.

I will just wear my highest heels and hope for the best.

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GM said...

I need to have you come shop with me. I'm in a rut and I often have need of fashion-y pants that feel like sweatpants. Oh, and my 25 yr high school reunion is in exactly 10 days. (yes, I am WAY too old to be wandering around on the internet unsupervised)