Sunday, May 22, 2005

Why Tim Burton Why?

The original freaked me out plenty. But the commercial for the new Willy Wonka movie is the stuff of nightmares.

Are they just fucking me making Johnny Depp look all scary? Don't ruin Johnny for me Tim Burton. Don't make me have really scary dreams about him chasing me around with his little Oompa Loompa minions. Dreams involving Johnny Depp should be hot and steamy and inappropriate. It is ok for me to wake up sweaty but not in fear. In lust is ok.

In lust is good y'all.

That commercial has me all jittery. How the fuck am I going to get through the entire movie?

That is a definite DVD watch. With wine. Lots of wine.

When J is not home because he is still mocking me for freaking out over the ad.

But did you see Johnny?

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