Friday, May 27, 2005

Snot Nose

Today is the kind of day that makes people in Seattle melt and people from other places laugh at us. It was about ninety degrees and just awful. Actually, it was really nice outside. But it blew inside. Because no one here has air conditioning and my house, being new construction, has no tree shade.

It is after nine and it still feels like a million degrees in here.

To make it worse I think I got the head cold that J had earlier this week. Nothing too horrible, just a fever and snotty nose and sore throat. On one hand, SCORE all you can eat popsicles. On the other, BOOOO. I mean colds are awful enough when it's cold outside and you can eat soup and grilled cheese and huddle under a down blanket. But when it is hot and sunny and Mark Prior gets hit by a line drive, well, you feel like the world is ending.

I do love summer nights though. And this feels like our first one of the year. I love sleeping with the windows open and fans on. Laying in front of the TV on cool sheets. Non-stop baseball to watch. It smells like grass outside and I can hear the swarms of frogs that live in the marsh behind our house. Their ribbity cries sound like a hum and in the three years we have lived here that hum has become a lullaby for me.

It would be perfect if I could just stop dripping snot on my nice clean pillow.

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