Monday, May 02, 2005

If Only They Were Office Appropriate

It is a sad sad fact that for a woman that works in fashion I spend a lot of time thinking about sweatpants. While at work I am all about heels and cute black pants and ridiculously expensive jeans. But the second I am at home I am put on something knit. And cushy.

In fact I start thinking about my sweatpants at about 4:00 each afternoon. I think which pair is clean? Do I have a wife beater without a stain on it? Do I care since all I am going to do is sit around with my laptop? I daydream about running into the house. I let the dogs out, pee (we commute an hour give me a break) and then find my sweatpants. Its happiness knit in China.

I have my favorites of course. My Adidas track pants, so I can pretend I might work out. My faux Juicy velour sweatsuit. Chanandaler has this one too and we both agree that if we had to wear one thing until we died that would be it. But I just purchased what may become my new favorite. Lightweight cotton yoga pants for about ten bucks. Cheap. Stretchy. Room to be bloated. It doesn't get much better than that.

Unless I could wear them to work.

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L said...

you COULD wear them to work. Brenda used to all the time! Hee