Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm Not Sure I Am Allowed Back

I went tanning today (yes I am going to die of skin cancer, but I will be brown and pretty so shut up) and fell asleep.

Its pathetic but I almost always fall asleep when I go tanning. There is something about that fluorescent lit coffin that knocks me out.

I was sleeping peacefully until the lights turned themselves off for the end of my session. It scared me out of sleep and I immediately sat up. And smacked the shit out of my head. For future reference, open the stupid lid of a tanning booth before you sit up.

When I smacked my head it made this huge cracking noise that reverberated and echoed. And I could hear everyone in the lobby stop. The radio turned off and no one was talking. So I do something incredibly stupid. I decide to just wait it out so that no one would be staring at me when I came out. After about five minutes I figure that no one will be paying any attention to me and I get all my stuff together to leave.

This is when I hear the two teenage girls that run the tanning place standing outside the door debating whether they should unlock the door or just go ahead and call the ambulance.

So I rush out of the room. Smacking one of those girls in the face with the door.

I think I need a new tanning place.

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