Friday, May 20, 2005

I Believe The Word You Are Looking For Is Whore

I took an early bus home from work today. Most bizarre bus ride ever.

I was waiting at the stop when a very large sort of clumsy man came up to me. I had been reading a magazine while waiting and he said, "I was standing next to you, didn't you see me? I saw your book, you too busy to see me?"

He was a little wobbly and I figured he was drunk or drugged or both. When we got on I carefully chose a seat far from him. I have a habit of attracting weirdos on buses. I was really not in the mood to deal with it. I spent the ride home reading Us Magazine.

And then some fuckhead wack off driver cuts the bus off. Poor driver has to slam on the breaks. Hard. People fly around inside the bus. Nobody falls out of their seats but people flail about and their stuff slides around on the floor.

But everyone is chuckling. Because we all know that we are lucky that the driver was able to stop. People pull that shit in Seattle traffic all the time. Buses don't speed in the carpool lane so people will do anything to get in front of them.

We get moving again and everything is fine. Until the same weird possibly drunk guy starts screaming.

"Miss. MISS. Miss you need to call your supervisor to meet us at the Park and Ride! You better call him right now! I am going to get your fired. I have an injury."

I don't think the driver understood what he wanted. Actually, none of us really understood what he expected her to do. There was no accident. She can't pull of the freeway. She can't do anything.

So we stop at the Park and Ride, of course the supervisor wasn't there. There is no office at that Park and Ride so some one would have to fight traffic to get there.

But the guy was pissed. After we get back on the freeway he comes stomping up the aisle. Screeching about his foot was hurt (how he was running around on it with an injury I do not know). He got in her face, called her a hooker (side note: hooker? Is he too civil to swear but not too civil to scream in her face?). Said she disrespected him. Called her a crazy ass driver.

I have to tell you I was freaked out. I honestly thought that man was going to slap the driver. I have never seen anyone yell at another person like that. Especially not a service person. I was impressed by the driver, she was very calm even though she had to be afraid. She called the supervisor. And arranged for an aide car.

When we all got off I found the driver and offered to be a witness on her behalf. I wrote a statement about how she really was not at fault for anything that happened. Meanwhile that guy was getting into an ambulance. For no reason at all. I cannot imagine how he can claim he was hurt in an accident that didn't even happen.

I thought all the loons rode the city lines and not the commuter routes. DAMN IT.

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