Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yes, She Did Shop At The Dress Barn

Every night before I go to sleep I have to decide exactly what I am going to wear the next day. Since J is a scum-sucking bastard with a two minute commute and a 9am start time he sleeps hours after I leave in the morning, I have to get dressed in the dark. This is a good stretegy for me anyway, because if I start changing my mind about what I am doing to wear in the morning I will start looking around and changing my mind, trying things on until I am a hundred years late for work and die from old age.

Problem is I cannot find anything. I have had some inexplicable weight loss lately, so I am down to a couple of pairs of pants that I do not need to roll the waist to keep them up. And I can't find them. I went from my huge, gorgeous closet to sharing a small one with J. All of our stuff fits (with spillover in the guest room) but it is just hard to find things.

What is really sad is that even with some new additions I still don't have that many clothes. My mother is appalled by this--since she has acres and acres of clothes. I could encourage her guilt--as her only nearby child I know I could benefit from the clothing spillover. BUT. My mother lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago. And after years and years of baggy, dated and just plain ugly clothes I have her polished up in fashionable and flattering ones. And my mother deserves to have tons of gorgeous things.

And I know my sister and I deserve a mother who doesn't wear tapered capri pants covered in giant orange daisies.

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L said...

Dress barn woman. hee hee