Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to E (Tuesday)

Today I got to go to Monica's daughter, Baby E's, birthday party. It is her first birthday, a very big deal in the Korean culture and they had this huge party. My mom went with me--because J is a punk--and we ate like pigs (with the guy at our table telling us what things were, we were clueless) and just people watched. What a fun party. Everyone was so happy. And E was so cute in her traditional outfit.

Monica is so lucky to have her family.

Of course I realized how different everything is in their family. People seemed surprised that I didn't have a baby. And Monica's husband kept coming over and telling me and our other friend there to hurry up and have a few.

It is just so strange to be old enough that people are telling you to have lots of unprotected sex. And even more strange that they do it in front of your mother.

I can't believe Baby E is a year old.

I bet her mama can't either.

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L said...

Dude again. so sorry about J. he doesn't know. UGH.

Anyways, thanks so much for coming! :) I'm glad you guys could make it and pig out. Oink.

E lurves her outfit. and the shoes. THE SHOES are so freakin cute.

Thanks for everything :)