Friday, September 16, 2005

Little American Pyscho

Yesterday afternoon in evil migraine took over my brain and took me down, sugar. My head felt like it was in a vice, my neck was hot and my chest was so tight I could barely breathe. J threw me in a hot shower, rubbed my back and pumped me full of sleep aid-filled painkillers.

This morning, like most post-migraine mornings, my brain felt like oatmeal. The neurons, they were not firing. I couldn't move too quickly. I tripped over the cat twice and I managed to knock our plug in nightlight/air freshener into the toilet which had just been pissed in.


Everything took a little more effort today. My mind was just sluggish and easily confused.

Every fucking reading list I have seen lately has American Psycho on the Novels You Must Read Or You Are An Illiterate Fool side so when I went on a Barnes and Noble gift card-fueled shopping spree I threw it in the bag. Reading it on the train I kept having these weird images. I have never seen the movie, but I know Christian Bale plays the main character. I also know he plays Teddy in Little Women and in my mushy mushy brain I keep imagining all the fucked up shit he is doing being done by Teddy and I kept thinking that Jo would stop him.

Jo isn't in American Psycho you crackhead.

I finally had to stop reading it because it was messing with me.

I mean I just do not think Teddy would stab a sharpei. And I am pretty sure Jo would kick his ass if he did.

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L said...

Christian Bale freaks me out in that movie. *shudder*

Other than the Little American Psycho Women you are reading about, what else did you get at B&N?