Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Almost Even

My sister got her panties in a wad about that picture. There was much emailing about how she looks like a big grinning loon, etc, which is all true--she does. But I would be hard pressed to find a picture from that time when she didn't. Mainly because she was a big ol' ham that couldn't look at a camera without contorting her face into wacky positions.

We got into that little back and forth crap that sisters do. Who do Mom and Dad love the most, who got the best grades in junior high and all that shit. My sister says, "but you were always the CUTE ONE!" Well duh honey. My sister had a long and a little painful awkward phase. And then one day she woke up pretty and thin and she has looked twenty-five ever since. For fourteen years. I am the cute one, because she is THE PRETTY ONE.

I am still waiting for my awkward phase to be over y'all.

But this is what sisters do. They add things up, compare. The truth is we are scarily even. She got the good legs but my hair is better. Her teeth are fabulous but my nose is straight. These things even out I guess.

Except the bitch looks good in every single photo taken since 1991 and I haven't taken a good one since I was about seven.

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