Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The wind in the storm never showed up (thankfully) and the eight inches of snow was actually like four at around four this morning. But when I woke up it was really coming down and all the forecasts were wildly divergent with one saying that it would all melt by 10am and another saying that the roads would be frozen solid by noon, and yet another saying that there would be more snow but to worry because leprechauns would melt it off using their hot breath and a hopping motion. I felt a little stupid most of the day staying home but since buckets of snow are now coming down and people are starting to crash their cars all over the damn roads I am delighted to be at home.

Things I have learned working from home today:

1. My couch is no the most ergonomic of working stations.
2. Tedious tasks, like running reports, are made much more palatable if you turn on Iron Chef America.
3. I get a lot more work done with DelSelva not sitting at my dining room table.
4. My cat hates snow. And the the cold. And possible me.
5. Sweatpants, chips and dip, and a warm dachshund would do wonders for office morale.

My house didn't fall down, or even teeter in the winds, I didn't have get in a horrifying bus crash this morning and actually I am even comfortable in my nice warm blanket. I suppose there is no need to worry about me any more.

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Frank said...

You all have certainly had some interesting weather. Just keep it to yourselves, but I'm glad to hear you're staying warm and toasty.