Thursday, January 11, 2007

Could More Shitty Things Happen? PLEASE SAY NO

I don't trust people who don't like animals, who don't have pets. I am not talking about those with allergies, or those who travel too much, but I'm talking about those people who wrinkle their noses and roll their eyes when they hear stories about dogs and cats.

I am pretty sure that pets are part of what make us human. There is no real reason to love a dog or a cat, but because we care for them and they need us, we do.

This is Gabriel, my sister's cat. Who died early this morning. Gabe was my sister's main companion for a decade. When he was a kitten he was diagnosed with some sort of disease and my sister was told he wouldn't live to be an adult. She did what anyone not made of stone would do, she spoiled him rotten. Gabe has been notorious forever in my family not only for mysteriously living with this terminal disease but also for being the fattest cat to ever walk the earth. I never saw him run as much waddle and I swear books rattled in the cases when he waddled by.

But he had an incredible personality and he took damn good care of my sister. He, and the other's she has collected, were her family away from family until she got married (not that they aren't a big part of her new family as well). And I know that she is as devestated as she would be to lose any member of her family.

There are people who will roll their eye's at this, he was just a cat they might say. Those people shall be stoned on the street because they are fucking assholes.

Gabe was a sick cat, my sister had no illusions that this day was coming and was coming fast. But I am sure she couldn't help but be suprised. I am so sad for her.

And continue to be in denial about my own animals WHO ARE IMMORTAL LALALALALALALA.

I'm sorry honey, I really am.

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Linda said...

sniff. that is so sad. :( Sorry man.