Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two Times A Year Is More Than Enough

The end of the week was long as fuck. I was just so burnt and fried that going into the office Friday felt like torture. And then last night I had the brilliant idea of drinking a gallon-sized limoncello martini on an empty stomach.

Sometimes I wonder if I am brain damaged.

At least I entertained J, until I passed out in the bathroom. In all my idiocy in college I don't think I ever blacked out but I honestly don't remember much of last night.

FOOL. If limoncello can take down Danny Devito on the View what makes me think I can handle it?

I learned a lot of shit in NY. First, the dryness made my hair look FABULOUS which is the opposite of what I expected. The humidity here in Seattle makes my roots greasy so I can't go too long between shampoos. I think if I lived in a dry climate like that I could go three or four days easy. Second, my skin fucking hates New York. Somehow it was dry and scaly but still breaking out which would sound impossible and yet somehow I managed it. Add the lack of sleep and the seriously bad for me food I was eating and I am surprised that J kissed me when I got back into down. Third, I learned people act like they have been let out of prison on business trips. Something I still do not understand. Did they not attend high school? Do they not realize that the whole damn company is going to know that they got drunk at dinner and finished the night off wrestling in the street? There is gin in Seattle dude, drink your G&Ts here. Fourth, I am an idiot business trip packer. This was my frist trip so maybe I can be forgiven for that but WHY DO I NOT OWN PANTS THAT ARE WEARABLE WITH FLATS? Walking over all of creation in high heeled shoes (even comfortable ones) is just stupid. My feet swelled up like little sausages and I have many mysterious bruises.

I'm glad to be home, still exhausted, and am very glad I don't have to go again until July.

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