Sunday, January 07, 2007


Friday night I had a migraine and took a vicodin so I could just sleep. So I was confused when J stormed into our bedroom around midnight carrying every blanket we own. The power was out and since we keep our heat at around sixty degrees the house was going to get very cold should it stay out for any length of time. The wind was howling, much harder and louder than it did during the huge windstorm a few weeks ago. I had just awakened enough to understand what was happening when we heard a loud crash.

A huge limb from our tree in the front yard had come down into our front yard. More amazing, the wind blew hard enough that it cleared my car that was just below it, but not so hard that it hit the house. It landed so that the smallest branches off of it hit J's car--but did not do any damage.

I am not sure how we got so lucky.

J had to lean on the front door in order to close it the wind was still blowing so hard. We spent the rest of the night lying and freaking out because there were a lot of trees still out there and really who wants a fir tree in their bedroom?

But our luck held and the power came back on yesterday before noon. We spent this afternoon chopping up the HUGE limb in our yard. Strangely theraputic.

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Linda said...


Dude, you guys were lucky indeed.