Sunday, January 14, 2007

Probably Like Ten

Well, after a lovely football day yesterday (Saints and Colts winning) today just went to shit. The Chargers collapsed and the Seahawks kept up (amazingly because damn is anyone NOT injured) but couldn't seal the deal. We watched it at Travis' house and have now decided that it is a jinx and NEVER AGAIN.

A friend of ours was there, one that I haven't seen in months. J had told him I was pregnant and earlier this week I asked if he had told him I wasn't anymore. Just because I didn't want him to say something. And J assured me he had.

He didn't. And our friend naturally assumed I was still pregnant, which damn I would look DAMN good for this stage of the game.

I sort of hate J for it. He has handled so much of this perfectly and damn this is unfair but not only did he lie (which I actually understand) but he failed to do the follow up to the lie which is rushing to tell the guy so that you don't get caught.

I shouldn't hate him, he does his best.

But I do a bit. Just for a few more minutes.

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