Monday, January 22, 2007

Alarming Things From Today

1. Looking up my nose in the giant magnifying mirror in my hotel bathroom. WHEN DID I GET NOSE HAIR?

2. The gigantic veal chop I ate, fried, preceded by many appetizers, followed my desserts and booze, at like ten at night.

3. Getting up at six this morning. GODDAMN.

4. Running around to meetings all day (talking to strangers like an adult!) and then having to stand in line for a cab for eighty-seven days.

5. That H&M is not cute, no matter how it was billed.

6. That I have been in New York for more than 24 hours and have taken zero photos. And I am not sure I will get to do so.

7. Mariah Carey's ex-husband watching our dinner party in horror and actually having the concern that WE ARE GOING TO GET THROWN OUT IN FRONT OF TOMMY MOTTOLA (we weren't through the miracle of a waiter that didn't speak English and a HUGE tab).

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