Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Three Days Is Plenty

I'm leaving for the airport in about five hours and FUCK I need to go to sleep. Three days in the city and it has been all working and eating and more working.

Tonight we finally got to have a little relaxation and went to the Knick's game. They faked it a while, and stayed with the Suns. But eventually you could see what all the sports guys have been saying all along. Fucking ridiculous how shitty they play with as good as they could be.

The real show wasn't happening on the court though. We had cheap seats (well, New York cheap seats, still seventy bucks) and it was practically the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. This couple in front of us were cheering for the Sun's and when they bitched about the hard time the guys in their section were giving them they basically got told they were lucky that the entire Garden wasn't chanting "You Suck" at them. For the most part it was all good natured and a great example of what is so interesting about New Yorkers.

I don't actually think they are any more rude or agressive than anyone else. There are rude people everywhere. I think that New Yorkers are just less self-concious then the rest of the world. I think it is almost impossible to do something unusual here so people just say whatever they think no matter what anyone might think of them. Seattle is just self-concious city. New Yorkers just don't give a shit.

I'm still ready to go home though. Too bad we couldn't take a later flight.

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