Friday, January 19, 2007

Crabby Old Bitch Before My Time

Things that I am letting irritate me, probably a wee bit overly much:

1. The kids from Greenpeace that practically assault you on the street during lunch, who may shove their self-righteousness up . . . well you see my point.

2. The woman doing LAMAZE breathing while shitting in the bathroom at work today. We've all done it in our less delicate moments but goddamn try not to do it when other's are in the room.

3. Every single person on Top Chef--every contestant is an asshole and the host a robot and DAMN.

4. This zit that keeps re-appearing at the corner of my mouth.

5. The fact that no stores have boots left in stock in my size that are not fugly or stupid and yes I know the retail calendar has flipped and everything is sandals but I WANT NEW BOOTS.

6. All the lightbulbs in my house seem to be burning out. Of course, maybe that means we should REPLACE THEM.

7. New York was seventy degrees until a couple of weeks ago. Now that I am headed there this weekend it is like twenty degrees.

Perhaps I need to sack up and stop being so pissy. But I doubt it.

1 comment:

Frank said...

Hope you have fun in NY and get out before the snow comes. When are you coming to Washington?