Sunday, August 28, 2005

RIP Maverick

I was watching Top Gun tonight, and completely mourning the loss of hot Tom Cruise. I mean, the eye candy in this movie is still excellent. Cruise was never the main attraction of that volleyball scene anyway. I mean even Goose has that sort of goofball stud thing that is always good. Cruise used to really round out the ensemble, looking sort of like a good bad boy. Now he just seems sad. I mean Katie Holmes was eight years old when that movie came out.

And for a guy who speaks out against psychology, don't you think his character could have really used some anti-depressants? I mean his little come back would have been a less dramatic one but maybe he wouldn't have to blow up a plane from an unspecified but oh-so-menacing country.

Now I can't even find him sexually attractive. Way to totally fucking RUIN a classic movie TOM CRUISE.


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