Friday, August 12, 2005

No Place Like Home (I Mean Look At My CLOSET)

I am going to miss this house y'all. J and I bought this place, probably before we could afford it. But we were twenty-two and damn it we wanted a house. And it is a great house. I feel like we came in as kids and are leaving it, as . . . slightly older kids.

Things that I will miss about this house:

1. My closet, which is larger than my first apartment. The closet which made it possible for me to go three and a half years without throwing out anything.

2. The grocery store, which I love (and I believe I have told y'all how much I hate grocery shopping), with its excellent produce section and cheap cheap everything else.

3. Our neighbors. Make that a few of our neighbors. I love the people who live behind us (when they are not having noisy sex with the windows open) and the people across the street. And I know that we are unlikely to have such a trustworthy neighborhood again. We are going to have to start locking the doors and not letting the neighbor kids have the run of the place. Everywhere is Hell's Kitchen compared to here.

4. Our garage. There isn't one at the new place. I have a lifetime of scraping my windows when it frosts ahead of me.

5. Three bathrooms. More bathrooms than people is a serious luxury. It is conspicuous consumption territory that.

6. Carpets that are cheap and thrashed. The new place has such nice flooring. I weep when I think of what my husband and animals are going to do to it. But we have carpet that is disgusting and vinyl that didn't look that great brand new--no pressure.

7. Driving home with the mountains in view.

8. Telling people to "keep going past the buffalo herd" when I give directions.

The new place has big shoes to fill (or foundations? whatever). But I am pretty sure it can handle it.

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