Monday, August 29, 2005


We are totally and completely fucked.

Our phone has been turned off, the movers are scheduled to be here tomorrow morning, I have used my vacation time. We have to move tomorrow.

But the fuckers buying our house have fucked up something with their loan. Which means ours can't close. Which means I am fucking wasting my time.

My dad is giving me a pep talk via cell phone about DON'T CRY GET PISSED AND RIP SOME ONE A NEW ASSHOLE, ARE YOU MY DAUGHTER OR NOT?

What he does not realize is that these are tears of rage. I am so PISSED that this is happening. PISSED that I am burning my vacation and my money and god knows what else waiting around for these fuckers to get their shit together.

And our agent, bless his little heart, is NOT HELPFUL. In fact, at this moment I hate him. Because he is like well you guys are lucky because they did give you three days after closing. WELL GREAT. That is probably true, how awful to have this date float around a bit when you have to move the day it closes. But here I am burning vacation time and GOD KNOWS what else trying to get shit together for this goddamn move and we have nothing.


AND. Not phone. No cable as of midnight tonight. And no fucking hope of anything good happening any time soon.

I hate everyone.

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