Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Update

Softball re-started today and the AB household . . .had a rough night. I kept hitting line drives at people. J hit the crap out of the ball but took a line drive to the shin that has him walking around gimpy. He still managed to flirt with their hot first baseman (I have to give him credit, she was very purdy and here he was an injured hero) and cry out for attention so I expect he will be good as new (with an impressive bruise) within a couple of days. If not I will just amputate the leg with some nail scissors and fix him up right quick.

We did win though so the leg would not be lost in vain. And I didn't have to play second, which is important.
My hair is still enormous so that post is coming. Am trying very hard not to cut it off. But so tempting. I miss my short messy hair.
I made some seriously excellent chili (inspired my Miss Linda) on Saturday and we have been eating that for every meal. Breakfast of chili with cheese and crackers is GOOD. Not the classiest I suppose. I am only worried that we are going to run out soon and SADLY that means I am going to have to cook something else.

Perhaps waffles.

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Frank said...

If you didn't play second, what position did you play?