Monday, April 17, 2006

Starting Over

It is a gorgeous sunny day. I wore sandals to work today. I am eating a GIANT ham sandwich and watching Buster bang his head against the front window. The Cubs are on the west coast so their game starts in less than an hour.

Life is really good in other words.

As annoyed as I was with my mother yesterday I have to admit I am in a good place right now. I do hear the chimes of doom a bit in that statement but still . . .

Good things are happening. With my career. With my family. With J. Everyone seems to be doing so well.

Except. A friend. Who we love too much I think. Who is family. He is dealing with an ugly part of being an adult. That sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes you have your life planned and you know that it is going to work and then it just doesn't. And you are in pieces.

His has to start over today. And we will help him. Because we love him. Because he will be ok. But it does make me take a moment to enjoy being at the top of the roller coaster. I have definitely been in the drops enough to know that these are the times that count.

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