Thursday, April 06, 2006


You know why I love blogging? Because people support your stupid obsessions and tell you to get a damn bike.

I'm thinking about it. Will probably make J nuts about it until he just puts a gun to my head and makes me buy one. Lovingly of course.

I am also sort of obsessed with humidifiers. My fucking sinuses are still all crazy. They are clogged and yet bleed like a motherfucker when I blow my nose. I keep getting sinus headaches and my face swells every night. Dr. Google tells me to keep my head elevated and the sinus cavity moist.

Humidifiers come highly recommended and they are not terribly expensive. Look. You can get one shaped like a PENGUIN.

I just have a sort of intellectual problem with humidifiers. Since growing up in the midwest we had a GIGANTIC de-humidifier that was pretty much a piece of furniture. All summer long we cursed the humidity and adults bitched about how it wasn't the heat it was the HUMIDITY. All that bitchy taught we to hate moisture. And now I am supposed to pay money for an appliance that will bring it into the air of my home?

Of course all my pillows have bloodstains on them. If I don't do this soon J is going to have a hell of a time convincing people he doesn't beat the shit out of me in my sleep.

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