Sunday, April 02, 2006

Best Day

I know that today is technically Opening Day but for me the real Opening Day is tomorrow, when all the teams play and the season really starts. Plus, I really fucking hate the White Sox and don't like the Indians so much and the damn game is on rain delay so MEH to the whole thing.

Normally I take Opening Day off from work. J and I drink beers and make hot dogs and watch every game we can (sometimes with two TVs). To be honest, it isn't just Opening Day it is HAPPY NEW YEAR.

But the flu/virus/thing that ate my sinuses took that from me too because I can't take ANOTHER day off so I will miss it. FUCKING VIRUS. The only thing that helps me is that Harold is back on my TV screen. Looking fine in his suits. Like how it should be.

Think of me tomorrow, toiling in my fucking office while my Cubbies are playing. But here are my picks for the year. I will be 100% wrong but I am still going to do it.

American League:
West: Angels
Central: Cleveland
East: New York
Wild Card: Boston

National League:
West: San Francisco
Central: (this pains me) Cardinals (PLEASE GOD LET ME BE WRONG)
East: Atlanta (every year I think it will be some one else and then the Braves pull it off again so until further notice that banner stays with them)
Wild Card: Mets

AL Cy Young:
Bartolo Colon
NL Cy Young:
Carlos Zambrano

Alex Rodriguez
Derrek Lee

My fantasy team has entirely too fucking many Cardinals on it and my Cubs are going to suck it. But it is the best part of the year.

I wish it could be Opening Day every day.

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