Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Hate You Safeway, OH YES I DO

Oh Safeway. I have such a bone to pick with you.

I hate you, Safeway. I understand from others that you have nice stores in other places but your stores here are dark and dirty. Your cashiers are uniformly rude and snap their gum a little too stridently. Your bag boys bag meat with household cleaners. Your bakers have rivers of snot leaking down their faces.

I could forgive that, SAFEWAY, if at least you had the good prices you claim you have. But sadly, that is your worst flaw of all.

I live in a neighborhood that is transition. There are those like my husband and I, who have cars and can visit the slightly farther away QFC. And there are those who are poorer and have less access to personal transportation and also have totally bought your marketing plan for this area. To feed these people the line that your stores are dirty and nasty because you are keeping prices low.

I call BULLSHIT, Safeway.

Because your fucking prices suck. Your produce is half rotted and the meat looks grey even in the shrinkwrap. You know why poor Americans are fat? Because you fucking make it impossible for them to buy healthy foods but somehow all the junky crap is cheap.

Though it is still cheaper at the FUCKING QFC.

Safeway, I hate you. I hate your filthy stores and your smug ass cheerful logo. And I hate more and more that you are the closest grocery to me. Because sometimes I forget the hate and just bop in for chips and soda. Run in because I need a damn gallon of milk.

I hope I remember how much I hate you this time. Because shitty half-stale bread should not be THREE DOLLARS A LOAF.

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Tara's World said...

I lived in Oakland where the Safeway was nsaty - when I moved to the Avenues in S.F. it was a totally different store, clean and gourmet. Bigoted much? I think a tad bit racist on thier end.