Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Magic Food

Every day I make decisions. How to spend large amounts of money. What is important and what is not.

But my toughest decision happens at lunch.

As in what to eat for it.

My digestive system is . . .errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr temperamental. And food is just an adventure to me. I could go on the bland diet, which is recommended for Crohn's, but I actually like eating and bland diet is a soul-sucking thing I would like to avoid until my entrails are about to squirt out my ass. I like food. But sometimes it doesn't like me.

Finding the magical combination that will not make me cramp up in agony is an adventure. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. Sometimes Mexican seems like the worst idea possible but chili is ok. I have to pay incredible attention to how my body is feeling at that moment to make a guess about how to feed it.

There are certain magic foods, like saltines with butter and apples with peanut butter and a certain raisin vanilla toast, that always work. No matter what I can eat them and be assured that I will not DIE. The problem is I have learned through experience that foods lose their magic if I eat them too often.

My best lunch option right now is this veggie soup that is full of vegetables that I wouldn't normally eat but love in this soup. It has no fat and is full of vitamins. It never kills me and makes me feel virtuously healthy. It is perfection in a paper bowl.

Sadly, I have to ration it out to myself like diamonds. You never know how long the magic will last.

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