Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So. I am sort of obsessed with getting a bicycle.

I am not sure, exactly, I want one. Something about wanting to get some more exercise and stupidly romanticized notions of riding my bike to the fruit market and on errands and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I have always liked riding bikes, even though I haven't owned one for a long time. One of my favorite summers was spent riding around to places that I was not exactly allowed to go--illicit places like friends' houses and the LIBRARY.

Anyway, I was having flashbacks the other day and thinking about how fun that way and how the park is close by and the beach and downtown and GOD then I looked online and now I totally really really want this.

It is so wild crazy being 27 and all old and shit.


L said...

"stupidly romanticized notions of riding my bike to the fruit market"

Ok, this made me laugh and laugh. Will you be carrying the fruit back in the small basket attached to the front of the bicycle? Or is that where Darla will sit? HEE

Frank said...

Biking is a great thing to get into. Go for it!

Eeek said...

OH MY GOD!!! That's my bike I already own! I also pimped it out with the wicker basket of cuteness.