Monday, March 27, 2006

We Are Just Sad If This Is What We Fight About

So J and I had a stupid fight about Big Love. Oh dear, let us not call it a fight, more of a loud and stupid disagreement. My darling husband saw fit to tell me that he thinks that show glamourizes polygamy and is degrading to women and OH WON'T YOU THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

It took me a while to figure out why on earth it was bugging me so much that he was harping on me about this damn show (besides the fact that he hadn't watched it at all) was that he was telling me what I should think and do and that makes me want to rip his face off. Perhaps I have issues with that? I just think that I am smart enough to not to want to run off and marry into a family with many many wives just because it is on HBO. Perhaps my OH SO WISE husband could grant me permission to make my own damn tv watching decisions.

Saying that this show makes polygamy look glamorous and wonderful is like saying that people got into oil ranching and shooting each other because of Dallas.

I am sure some one will email me to prove that there was a study and that sure did happen after Dallas was on the air and HI ANYABETH YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

Way to take his side.

At any rate, I enjoyed the show. Because the characters are very real to me, nobody seems particularly good or bad. They all feel human. And it is different and smart and what Desperate Housewives could have been if they weren't so stupid and fucking lazy with that show. In my view Big Love is basically a soap opera and blah blah J and I need to get over ourselves.

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