Friday, March 10, 2006

But Really It Doesn't Hurt

I have figure out that acupuncture squicks some people out but good. I have to admit, I do sometimes chuckle maniacally when I realize that I actually pay a women to jam 30-40 needles into my body once a week. But I am pretty open-minded about body work so it doesn't freak me out (except that one time she put one between my eyeballs and I almost DIED).

People ask about pain--it usually doesn't hurt. And they ask about blood. And I had never bled.

Except this week.

I usually have about ten needles in my ears (around the cartilidge--she isn't piercing my ears or anything). They are the only ones that ever really hurt, mainly because she has to use a larger needle to get it to stay in the harder tissue. And she will clean out my ear after she removes the needle because there might be a pinprick of blood.

Well this week I guess we skipped that step because back at my desk, at least an hour after my appointment with my hair up and away from my ears I scratched the cartilidge and came out with a finger full of gore.

Both my ears were just coated in dried blood. After I cleaned it all up I starting thinking about what the hell everyone I had seen for the past hour must of thought. I mean MY GOD I had dried blood just EVERYWHERE.

Just wrapping up the week re-enforcing that professional image I have been trying to cultivate.

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